Q. Do I need special clothing?

A. Wear covered in shoes preferable and long pants. Jackets available. No long scarves please.

Q. Are helmets Provided?

A. Yes – with visors and in three sizes – S M L.

Q. What should I bring?

A. Bring your camera. Trike has first aid kit on board. Please bring only small bags to fit into back box on trike.

Q. How many passengers can the trike legally carry?

A. Two.

Q. Is the trike RMS approved?

A. Yes. Both the Trike and driver are licensed and approved to carry passengers.

Q. Do you have public liability insurance?

A. Yes. Both the Trike and all equipment are fully insured.

Q. What experience have you had?

A. I have been a motor cycle rider all my life and have been a trike rider for the past 5 years.

Q. What if it is raining on the day of my booked tour?

A. We will reschedule your tour.